Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing day fun

Here in Bungay, Suffolk, UK we have a fun run round the common on Boxing Day. This year it was entitled the Groggy Doggy Run and people were encouraged to take their dogs with them. Given the amount of rain the marshes were flooded and the route was changed but the event went ahead and I decided to try to capture the flavour of it with my Bronica.

The weather was kind. It had been pouring with rain on Christmas Day but Boxing Day morning was glorious blue sky but I was looking for some good muddy puddles to catch some "decisive moments" This did highlight a problem that film has over digital in that one is limited to one ISO - the film that's loaded. I do have two backs for the Bronica so I can shoot both colour and black and white but both films had an ISO rating of 100 and I had a few frames to go before changing films so I couldn't shoot at a very high shutter speed in the wooded areas where the best mud was. I ended up with an exposure of around 1/60 or 1/125 fully open at f3.5 on my 150mm lens. I developed the film earlier this morning and its currently hanging up to dry so I should be able to get the photos scanned this afternoon and I'll post the results here then.

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