Friday, 18 January 2013

Mixed Results

I took myself off to Horsey on the Norfolk coast last week to photograph the seals and their pups but chose a very miserable day to do it. The weather wasn't too bad when I left Bungay but on the coast there was a very think mist with visibility down to about 25 metres. It was really quite eary walking along behind the dunes with no sounds what so ever and only very restricted views.

I did end up taking a few photographs but didn't think they would be particularly good and so it proved with this being about the best of the bunch.

I also took one or two general views but again nothing to write home about although with the aid of photoshop and increasing the contrast dramatically this one has a certain atmosphere:

The snow has ceretainly given plenty of opportunities for the cameras to come out, here's a couple of mine from the other day:

All these were taken with my Bronica MF camera using Delta 400 film.

One interesting result is this multi exposure shot taken by accident. I hadn't realised I had moved the double exposure prevention lever on the camera until I noticed that the film frame number wasn't changing so I have 3 frames on one. Quite interesting, I'll have to use it for real I think and see what I can do:

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