Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Winter Photos

Great to see the snow from a photographic point of view even if not from any other.

I'm still enjoying my new acquisition, the folding 6 x 6 Solida and used that mainly whilst we had snow around but there were some restricting factors. I had loaded the camera with ISO 400 film and with the brightness due to the sun and the snow was struggling to get the indicated exposure and having to use the fastest shutter speed I had - 1/200 and the smallest aperture - f22 and this has shown up a problem with the camera in that at that small aperture there does appear to be some vignetting. That problem usually occurs at the other end with wide open lens but can be a problem when closed right down too.

Whilst thinking about exposure did anyone have problems with their snow pictures? Either rather muddy and underexposed or with a colour cast? If you did its due to the auto features on the camera making assumptions about the scene its seeing. With both exposure and white balance the camera assumes its seeing an "average" scene and will do the calculation of speed and aperture accordingly but obviously with large areas of bright white in the frame the scene is not average and hence the camera tends to under expose. Likewise with white balance it assumes that all the colours its seeing when mixed together should be a mid grey and again that's obviously not the case. If you shoot in RAW then adjusting the white balance in the computer is simple, if shot in jpg possible but not so easy. If we get any more snow and you have had this exposure problem just use your exposure compensation control to open up the settings a bit.

Anyway here's a selection of my photos, I decided to go mainly for the "Bleak mid winter" look!

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