Sunday, 31 March 2013

Missing photographs

I'm afraid you will find a number of photographs missing from older posts on this blog. I managed to delete them without realising what I was actually deleting and it will take a while to sort out what images I actually posted.

The reason they got deleted is that I was thinking about starting a new online gallery and was going to try Picasa and found that I already had an account. In that account were photos which appeared on the blog. I couldn't remember opening this account but assumed I had at sometime and so I deleted all the photos only to find that apparently thats where the photos are stored that appear on the blog. All to do with Google owing everything and linking everything I suppose but it seems you have to be very careful what you are posting where as its likely to turn up all over the place.

I may well try to start a blog with Wordpress and get away from Google but thats in the future. I'll keep posting here for the moment and will try over time to repost the missing photos.

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