Monday, 25 March 2013

Wither the weather..

Its dire isn't it? I don't mind it being cold if its snowy or bright, plenty of opportunities to take photographs then but when the wind is this bitter and its dull and grey I have to say I don't have the inclination to go and stand around to try and take photographs.

So, what to do? Well, last week was not a good week for photography - or much else come to that. Monday was fairly normal but then on Tuesday I had to go to the dentist for a repair to a filling, Wednesday I had to go to the hospital for my 6 monthly check up - good news, Thursday I had to take Sarah to the hospital for a check up on her eyes - bad news - Friday I had to go to the hospital for an injection into my back - provisionally good news - Saturday, well no more hospital but then Sarah goes down with the flu and we were supposed to be going to the boat today to move it back to the marina but what with the weather and........ No must stop this, if anyone is still reading lets get back to photography!

Anyway what do do when the weather is foul. How about self portraits? No one really likes having their photograph taken but if you are photographing yourself at least you don't need to listen to the sitters moans. As something different I thought I'd do one as a reflection in something other than a mirror so here's a little teapot -

Not on film, just on my little point and shoot. Anyone fancy doing the same and posting some examples, must be loads of different surfaces you could choose from.

In taking those pictures I discovered I had a  few shots on the P & S that I hadn't downloaded. Nothing to write home about but one I took of a sunlit path could have been quite nice except for the fact that it was over exposed and given that it was only in jpg I had no way of recovering the detail but by some cropping and converting into B & W it makes a passable shot. So its always worth thinking about what you can do to a photo if at first glance it doesn't look that good. Here it is:


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